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High School

Students before their field trip to the Museum of Tolerance.

Students are required to attend a weekly meeting with their supervisory teacher.

1:1 teacher student direct instruction

Parent and student get updates on grades and work completion.

Engage in conversation about the curriculum.

Preview of the next week's work, as well as any upcoming school events.

The weekly meeting is a student's opportunity to set goals and engage in their education!

Students take two classes at a time. 

Because students take only two classes at a time, the duration of the class is shorter, ranging from 6 to 9 weeks.  This allows the student to highly focus on specific subjects.  Once a class is done, students receive a new class immediately.  

Students are able to take more credits with a longer school year.  Track 1 starts July 1 and runs through March 30th. Intersession runs until May.

Students are enrolled in an independent study program

Pacific View Charter school is an independent study program.  PVC offers onsite classes including: Math, English, Biology, Study Skills, and ELD.

A study hall with tutors are available to help students in all subjects.  

Virtual tutors are available for 1:1 tutoring.