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Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs

Benefits of Therapy Dogs

All our therapy dogs have passed a test to officially qualify them as Therapy Dog.

Based on scientific studies, contact with a dog improves the feeling of well-being, especially if a dog was allowed to be petted, did the well-being scores greatly increased. In many different settings have dog therapy programs been started e.g. in hospitals and schools.

Spending time with animals in general, can turn a negative mental state into a positive one. Interacting with our dogs, can renew the sense of safety, increases the sense of connection and overall well-being. Calming the mind, will help students to be able to refocus on their studies.


Beaker was born January 10, 2020. He loves treats and chasing off coyotes from campus. He especially loves all the love and affection he receives while at school.



Hello, I am Daisy. I am a black lab and am 8 years old. I was returned by my first owners. However, I got lucky because now I get to come to school with Mr. Weeks and hang out with the high school and middle school kids. I love wandering around the classroom and having the 7th and 8th graders pet me. When I am at home I like to play with my best friends Nolan and Charlie, and go on walks.



Evie is an 8 year old Cavalier. She loves attending math classes where she can walk around and say hello to her favorite students, and even though you might not see her, you can always hear her (loud snorer).



Shiner is a small dog with an old soul. He is happiest cuddling up with students and eating as many treats as possible. When not at school, Shiner can be found going for jogs, sitting in the sun, or being annoyed by his little brother Zeus. The next time you see him, ask Shiner to do a trick, he knows about 20!